Clearly this evening I have been in a “sentimental” or nostalgic mood, reflecting back on old blog posts from several years ago (mostly about the most recent SCOTUS ruling on SB1070- because after tomorrow, SB1070 will fall into the abyss as we anxiously await the most important decision of this bench).

However, in going through those old posts, I found a post that I had written on our 1st wedding anniversary (June 12, 2010).

A and I spent the day back at the Ritz Carlton where we had been married.  We ate breakfast and then slowly walked around the property remembering the day we had celebrated our wedding just one year prior.

While walking around the property, I found the events calendar showing there was a wedding that day.  Feeling nostalgic, I took a photo of it, thinking how special it was that here were people getting married at the same place we had gotten married, on the same calendar day we had.

I figured this was a photo I would just file away, realizing it probably wouldn’t have any meaning to anyone else.  But for some reason, I just felt such a special attachment to these people, that we really had a connection with them (I mean clearly they had outstanding taste).

Fast forward almost one year to April of 2011.  A & I were sitting in our living room with our social worker doing our first post-placement home visit with our itty bitty newborn, E.  While talking with Bev, we started to discuss plans A&I had for our upcoming wedding anniversary, she asked when it was to which we replied June 12th.

Our social worker looked at us and said, “how ironic, that’s my daughter’s anniversary”.  For no real reason, I asked where she got married, and she told us they had gotten married at the Ritz Carlton.  My jaw dropped.  I told her that is where A&I had gotten married as well.

Those people who’s event I had snapped a photo of while we were wandering around the Ritz celebrating our first wedding anniversary, the ones I had felt such a deep connection to without even knowing; it was the family of our social worker who helped facilitate the adoption of our daughter not one year later.

Destiny folks.  Destiny.

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3 Responses to Destiny

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow. Chills!!! That’s amazing!

  2. Jaye says:

    How amazing! That is such an awesome story!!

  3. polwygle says:

    I just love stories like this one!

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