I know.  I’ve abandoned you this past month.  I came in announcing two huge things, and then I vanished.

I thought staying home with E that I would have more time for blogging, social media networking, etc.  It turns out I was horribly wrong.  Since August 3 (my first official day home with E) my days have been filled with story time, anatomy lessons, silly songs, fort building, tea parties, museum’s, play dates, and snuggles.  It’s left very little time (or desire) for anything that takes me away from her.

Of course, once she’s gone to sleep, I am down right exhausted, and the thought of turning on the computer just does not even register to me.  However, as we’ve begun to settle into a routine (and I’ve adjusted to the notion that I am not just on an extended vacation) I’ve started to envision how blogging, networking, etc will start to fit more into my week.

If I told you that was the only reason I hadn’t been blogging though, I’d be lying.  Lately there have been many things that I’ve wanted to write about.  But I just can’t put the words together.  These are deeply personal things that have left a profound impact on my life, and I just don’t know how to edit them enough to a point that I’m comfortable sharing here.

(No worries- everyone is healthy, happy, and A, E, and I are quite content).

I hope that one day I can edit these stories down enough to make them suitable for this blog, because they are topics that need to be discussed.  Situations that if they were talked about more, likely wouldn’t leave me feeling so abstract.  But, they are situations that I also understand why they are not spoken of more.

But alas, I am back my faithful readers, and I have missed you!  Please forgive my absence, and I promise it won’t happen again!



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