{Crafty Mama} Ruffle Lamp Shade

We are still working on E’s Big-Girl Room Re-Do (which I mentioned here).  It’s been a project that’s taken quite a bit of work, and while we’re still a while from it being finished, we’ve come SO far.

One of the first projects I completed for her new room is a ruffle lamp shade.  I first saw the idea of a Do It Yourself Ruffle Lamp Shade on Pinterest, and it seemed relatively easy (and it was).  It basically consisted of hot gluing ruffle trim to a lamp shade:

I then added a few rosettes to give it a little extra touch.  I felt they made it more Chic’ and less “Country”:

This is seriously one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done, and it was quite inexpensive too.  The Cost breakdown was:

– Large Lampshade $5.49 (on clearance, plus a bonus sale, plus a coupon)

– 10 yards (I used about 9.5 yards) of pink ruffle trim $11.94 ($1.99 a yard plus 40% off)

– Hot Glue Gun (already had) & Hot Glue free

– Grey muslin $2.00

– Pearl Beads $1.50 ($2.99 a bag, plus 50% sale)

So for under $20 I made a lampshade that Pottery Barn sells for $99.  I also made it at a craft day hosted by a dear friend, which made the deal even sweeter!

As a reminder, the walls in her new room will be grey with white and pink accents.  I’m using the ruffles in E’s new room to make it feminine but not too childish.  Her ruffle lamp shade will tie in with her ruffle curtains (which I am also making) those however, are not quite as easy of a task, but I’ll mention them later (when they are actually finished and not just a work-in-progress pile of cotton in my Mother in Laws craft room).

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One Response to {Crafty Mama} Ruffle Lamp Shade

  1. So cute & crafty! I may have to try this with some of my beaten up, old lampshades.

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