Created for Care

I am SO excited to say that I am fortunate enough to attend a Created for Care retreat!  In March, I’ll be flying across the country (with my dear friend Brenda) to beautiful Georgia for a weekend with 449 other parents who are waiting to adopt or have adopted, as well as individuals attending as support!  I’ve heard SO many wonderful things about these retreats, and I am so blessed to get to attend myself.

And it get’s better.  Not only do I get to attend this awesome retreat, but I get to meet some amazing women while I’m there.  Adoption is such an emotionally trying process, and while I have some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G family and friends who have supported us, there really is nothing like having the support of people who have been in the trenches with you, so getting to meet these women from a wonderful support group I’m in is like sprinkling gold flakes on a cupcake- pure and utter bliss!

While I’m there I’ll be attending three workshops.  I signed up for (and hope to take) the following:

Connecting while Correcting (which is about effective discipline and connecting with your child while correcting their behaviors.  With an almost 2 year old, this was very much needed).

Staying Connected to Your Spouse (Let’s be honest, having children is trying on a marriage.  And bracing ourselves for baby number 2 while raising E, I thought it was important to take some time to focus on A, and our marriage).

You Were Always Plan A (How to make sure your child knows that regardless of what journey brought you to adoption, they were always your top choice).

It was really hard picking which seminars to take.  In each session there were at least TWO that I really wanted to take (one option was a date with Jesus- how COOL is that!).  Ultimately though I think I picked the best seminars for me (and I may or may not have tagged team them with Brenda to make sure we both get the content we’re looking from- ha!)

I’m hoping that this retreat, will also help me connect with members of the adoption triad about the worries that have been troubling me as of late (that I mentioned here).  I submitted my situational concerns with my registration, and am praying that it will be one of the questions picked for the Q & A.  If not picked, I’m trusting it’s God’s plan to find a way to use that information to connect me with the support I’m so desperately craving.

If you’re planning on attending this retreat- shout it out here!  I can’t wait to meet y’all!


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4 Responses to Created for Care

  1. Hillary says:

    I didn’t know how to express how Happy I am to get to meet you all in person and “sprinkling gold flakes on top of cupcakes” is the perfect way to describe the utter bliss 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    I am so excited for this conference, and to meet everyone in person. March can’t come soon enough!!!

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