Adopting Baby #2- The Dollars and Cents Of It All

It’s no secret that International Adoption isn’t something most people have the funds just lying around for.  While I like to consider the “T-House” fiscally responsible, the funds it will take to bring T #4 home aren’t the kind we have lying around either.

In fact, it will cost approximately 150% of the average median household income for the United States to bring this baby home.  For a lot of reasons:

1) Agency fee’s.

2) US Immigration/Documentation Fee’s

3) Homestudy fee’s (we get to go through the process all.over.again)

4) Travel and Living fee’s (we’ll spend anywhere from 4-9 weeks in Colombia)

That being said, financials are certainly not deterring us from the process.  In fact, it’s encouraging!  If you know my husband, you’d understand why.  If you don’t know my husband, I’ll explain it to you- he’s a Financial Analyst/General Accountant.  He LOVES to make money appear, and even more so, loves to make money work for us (instead of us working for our money).  So to him, this challenge is invigorating, motivating, it’s… fun.

For me, it’s scary- especially since I’m not a SAHM (stay at home mom) who slings cloth diaper’s and other awesome baby gear on the weekends.

Enter our Fundraising Plan.

This past April, I attended a tea and silent auction for the volunteer group I love so dearly.  While there, one of our silent auction items caught my eye, and I was instantly hooked.  I loved it SO much that not only did I pay more than face value to win the product (it was for a good cause), but I also signed up to start selling the product because I know my friends and loved ones (and in turn, their friends and loved ones) would love it just as much as I did!

My Locket: Large Silver Locket with Crystals, 32″ Oval Link Chain, Owl Dangle (for my Great Grandmother- a guiding force in my life), Blessed Plate (I am truly a blessed woman), Forever Family (Popular adoption term, and we are a finalized forever family!), ASL I Love You Sign (Very meaningful to me), Pearl (E’s Middle name after my grandmother), Crystal Cross (For my faith- with some bling!), June Heart (A & I were married in June), and Baby Girl Feet (Because my baby girl owns my heart)

In June of this year, I started selling Origami Owl.  I’ll be honest in saying I’ve never considered myself to be a sales person, but I don’t have to be, these lockets sell themselves, and for good reason- they’re totally fun, totally affordable, and the experience is almost as amazing as the product.

I absolutely love putting on jewelry bars!  It’s allowed me to share my story (all of my profits go straight to our second adoption fund) and hear other people’s stories as well.  I love hearing how adoption has touched so many people.  Some parties are emotional and raw, as people share their stories of encouragement and courage, others are hilarious (can we say Wine Group).  No experience is the same, and each experience is awesome!

If you’re interested in making your own locket, please visit my site here.  If you’d like to host a party and we don’t live in the same town, email me ( and we can discuss your options (there are SEVERAL and they are TON’s of fun).  If you’re interested in selling Origami Owl to help finance your adoption (vacation, new car, or just for fun) email me as well and we can talk about your options there as well!

So there’s my fundraising plug.  As we approach our application date (When E is 30 months old) I’m sure we’ll have other fundraising topics as well, but for now, I’ll be honest that this one is working out really well for us.

I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and in our case, it takes a village to get our baby home!

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