Welcome 2013!

Hello 2013, it’s so good to see you!

I would like to think that every year, there’s a renewed hope, an idea that it’s fresh, it’s well, new.  It’s ready to be written.  Whatever mistakes you’ve made are in the past, and at least for a short while, a clean slate awaits you.

To say I am excited for 2013 is a gross understatement.  2012 was a grueling, tough year on my family.  It tested me as an individual to the core of my being, and brought too much pain and suffering to those I love most.  It certainly wasn’t all horrible, there were a few note-worthy moments:

– A* (my husband), got a new job that he loves.  He’s challenged, he’s learning, he’s motivated.  He works for a boss who believes in him, and wants him to advance.  I have seen my husband walk with a new stride of confidence since taking this position, and it makes me incredibly happy to see him have the confidence that he can be exactly who I’ve always thought he naturally had the ability to be.

– E.  Everything about her is a highlight (even the tantrums) because it’s a reminder that she’s here.  That she’s ours.  That every day I wake up to reality, not to a really long dream that will end.

– I became a Stay at Home mom.  This was so important to me, and something I’ve wanted for years.  Having this actually occur as reality has been amazing.

– Peace.  While this year was emotionally exhausting and full of tribulation, it has also come with an amazing amount of peace.  The Lord works in such amazing and miraculous ways, and He always finds a way to ensure there is light in our hardest of trials.  I have come to peace with many things that I thought I’d never be able to.

– Friends.  This year we were blessed to continue friendships with those who have been dear to us, and meet new people who we hope to have life long bonds with.  This year’s trials have also brought treasures in those we love.

– Family.  If 2012 couldn’t teach me the importance of family, and loving unconditionally without fear, I don’t know what could.

So here’s to 2013.  My expectations are pretty low just please don’t be full of as much hardship and devastation as 2012.

May 2013 be filled with love, kindness, forgiveness, and peace.  May those we love stay safe, and healthy.  May we as a family treasure and value the moments that pass us to quickly, so when trials occur, we remember what we are fighting for.  May it be filled with keeping old traditions, and creating new ones.  With hugs, kisses, smiles, dance parties, tea parties, and laughter.

May it be a year we look back on fondly and with warmth in our hearts.

Happy New Year!

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