I Never Used to Cry at Weddings.

Never.  I barely cried at my own wedding {I think}.  For me, weddings were always a happy occasion, but not one that required getting choked up and teary eyed.

That all changed on March 27th, 2011.

On March 27th, 2011, A & I attended the last wedding we’d ever attend as a child free couple, as we watched our friends Ben and Julie come together in wedded bliss.  It was our last date night out {sans babysitter} and truly couldn’t have been a better occasion.  The wedding was beautiful and intimate, and the guests, well, I’m honored to have been included in the group that was there.  It was one of the most incredible and fun weddings I’ve ever been to {and it was DRY}!


I didn’t cry when Ben and Julie were speaking their vows, or when they were pronounced man and wife.  I didn’t cry during a heart touching toast, or the beautiful photo slide show they played during the reception, or Ben and Julie’s first dance.

But I sobbed ugly tears when Julie took to the dance floor with her dad.  I.lost.it.

Ben and Julie’s wedding took place just two days before E was to be induced.  Emotions were already high, but seeing Julie and her dad on the dance floor, and knowing that one day in the {not as distant as I’d like it to be} future, that would be A & our daughter, I just- lost it.

Since then, every wedding we’ve attended I ugly, ugly cried at.  In January of 2012 when we watched E’s Godparents Jeremy and Carolyn tie the knot, I again cried a horrendous ugly cry when Carolyn took to the dance floor with her dad, knowing that again, in the future that would be A & E.

Two weekends ago, E was a flower girl in her former nanny’s wedding- and if you don’t mind me saying, she was the most adorable flower girl e.v.e.r {even though her recent growth spurt made her tea length dress knee length- she still rocked it}.


At this wedding though, the tears didn’t wait until the father daughter dance.  No, this time the tears started well before the wedding even began.

I got a little misty eyed in the moments that I was helping E get dressed, realizing that in far less time then I would like to believe, I would again be helping her get into a beautiful white gown that she would be SO excited to wear.  That I’d be letting her borrow my pearls to wear for yet another walk down the aisle.  That in just a matter of time, my daughter would be walking down the aisle, but this time not to her daddy, and this time not playing dress up.  It made me realize just how fleeting time is.


But the moment’s that made me sob big, ugly, tears, were the moments I got to witness of A & E together before the wedding.  They were the moments he spent trying to calm her down, sitting with her, holding her.  They were the moments I realized would be the foundation of which she would looked to build any intimate relationships in the future on.  For in those moments I not only thought about the moments they’d one day share, he in a suit, and her in a beautiful gown, but how THIS moment was shaping the man that she’d be walking to in that beautiful gown on the arm of this amazing man.


It was a moment when I realized what an incredible man my husband is, and how the important role he is playing in teaching our daughter what a father should be to his child, and what a husband should be to his wife will impact her forever.  It was a moment when I fell in love with my husband all over again, not just because he was the father to my daughter, but because he is a daddy to my little girl.

As we prepared for E to make her gallant march down the aisle, A & I looked at each other and communicated words neither one of us had to speak, while it was a beautiful reminder of the day that I walked down that aisle on my dad {and mom’s} arm, it was also a reminder of how precious each moment we have with our little girl is.

And in case you’re wondering- E was a champion flower girl.  She soaked up the crowd cooing over her cuteness and managed to make it half way down the aisle throwing her petals before she decided to stop and twirl in her dress for her audience.  She calmly allowed me to take her to our seats, and sat and watched the rest of the wedding.  Considering she is 2 with the attention span of well, a 2 year old, I couldn’t have asked for more out of her.

I have also now come to the conclusion that I will likely forever more cry at weddings.

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