Why I’ll Never Visit Walt Disney World Again: The Journey Begins

Believe it or not, our travel day was one of the best days of our trip.

Our day started promptly at 6:30 when a ridiculous amount of luggage, a car seat, and a stroller were loaded into this bad boy:


Seriously, this is the only way to travel to the airport.

We all very much enjoyed this style of transportation and to be honest, because of how many of us were traveling and the short distance I live to the airport, this bad boy only cost us $10 more than Super Shuttle.  Even my penny-pinching husband was all about the Limo.


Baby’s first limo ride…yes, she’s in her car seat. Yes, she’s rear facing.

And my parents of course loved the ride as well.


After our easy trip to the airport, complicated baggage drop off (complicated because of the amount of luggage/strollers/car seats we had, not complicated because of the airline they made it smooth) we were on our way to grab some breakfast (and I wanted to grab some lunch to take on the plane for E, myself, and A).

E loved the airport, I seriously think we could have stayed there all day and she’d be happy.  I mean, she had her Daddy, Mama, Mimi, and Pop-pop…and Paradise Bakery.  What more could a toddler want?


After a quick breakfast we made our way to our gate and quickly boarded our flight.  E did great on this trip, even though it was a 4.5 hour flight, she seriously did amazing.  We had a very special moment on the plane, she received her first “Barbie” type doll, and loved it!  She absolutely adores Pocahontas, so naturally she received her first.

photo(14)Naturally then one Barbie turned into three when we also added Tinkerbell and her sister Periwinkle.

photo(15)Add in a nice nap and it made for a very successful flight!

Arriving at our hotel, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, was very easy as well.  As soon as we landed at Orlando International Airport we walked over to Magical Express and literally walked onto a bus that departed shortly after we got on.  After a few stops, we arrived at our hotel!  E was very pleased with our digs.


I know it’s blurry, but she’s so happy! Do you see the Giraffe in the background?

SONY DSC SONY DSCOr maybe it was more so who our neighbors were:

photo(16)(In case you didn’t know E loves Giraffes, or Gerties as we call them).  After we got settled in, we went downstairs and grabbed some food at the hotel for dinner and decided to call it a night.  It was a very relaxed but enjoyable travel day which I thought (keyword thought) was the sign of a perfect trip ahead, clearly my interpretation of “perfect” evolved quite a bit over the week we were there.

Before settling into bed however, there was one small thing I had to do.  Our villa was equipped with a whirlpool tub in the master bath and you better believe this mama ended her travel day soaking in every luscious moment of it before getting some rest for an action packed Sunday filled with a very special meeting of the non-animated character kind.



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