Why I’ll Never Visit Walt Disney World Again: It begins.

Sunday was our first full day at Walt Disney World and while I was anticipating E needing an extra nap, I made a parenting decision that ended up not working out well…at all.  I had the grand idea that if we bit the bullet on day one and forced E onto our new time zone by waking her up, it would get her on track the rest of the trip.  Well, when I made this wise decision I didn’t take into account how stubborn my little girl is and how much she loves her schedule.  I’m fairly certain you can guess how well this works out for us today.

We had a very early breakfast reservation in Animal Kingdom.  The idea was to be in Animal Kingdom and to eat before they opened, so that we’d be done as the park was opening and we could make a mad dash to Kilimanjaro safari.

This planned failed, miserably.

Here’s how it started to unravel.  Saturday evening I checked with the hotel lobby to find out what time the buses for Animal Kingdom would start to run and was told an hour before the park opened.  The park opened at 9:00 a.m. which meant they’d start running at 8:00 a.m.  Our reservation was at 8:05.  They then stated a breakfast bus would make a rotation and pick up at the hotel at 6:45 a.m. and then possibly (they couldn’t guarantee it) a second breakfast bus at 7:30.

I immediately was frustrated and figured, yeah, no.  I’m not having E up and ready at 3:45 her time, no way.

So, I figured hey, we’ll catch the 8:00 a.m. bus, it’s just a short trip to Animal Kingdom from Animal Kingdom Lodge where we were staying, and we’ll there maybe just a few minutes late.

In theory, this would have worked great.  But that would have meant the buses were running on time and they weren’t.  Through the entire trip my friends, they were not running on time or on schedule.  And thus began our agonizing transportation issue.

Do you remember how I said that we vacation most often at Disneyland?  And do you remember how I said Disneyland and Disney World are vastly different?  Here’s the biggest difference- transportation.  At Disneyland it’s no where near as wide spread as Disney World.  Most people see this as a negative, but quite contraire my friends, I see it a positive!  At Disneyland, when you want to go eat somewhere, park hop, or do whatever your heart desires, you just get up and go…with your own two feet.  At Disney World you are reliant on transportation, and we were reliant on the bus transportation which for 4 trips had never let us down, but this time, on trip number 5 I finally understood why so many people complained about the Disney Resort buses…they’re awful.

We got to the bus stop at 7:55.  Our first Animal Kingdom Bus showed up at 8:10 (already five minutes late and we haven’t even boarded).  By the time we got to Animal Kingdom and the restaurant for breakfast we were a total of 45 minutes late.  Thankfully, the restaurant host was quite kind and didn’t even mention our tardiness, just sent us right through.

And in case you’re wondering how E did to her super early wake up call?  Um, she didn’t.  She wanted nothing to do with Donald Duck whom we met prior to entering the restaurant:


My poor girl, so sleepy!

In fact she wanted nothing to do with anyone other then mama.  Even Pop-pop who joined us for breakfast (my mom isn’t a big breakfast eater, so breakfast buffets are always a waste for her) wasn’t charming E over this morning.


This was her “pleasant face”.

This mentality carried over while she met Goofy and Mickey Mouse as well.  She did start to open up about 45 minutes into breakfast and even ate a little bit, thank goodness.

Once we finished the park had opened and it was insanely crazy.  In my head I thought, it’s okay, tomorrow’s Columbus Day and all these people will leave. By Tuesday there will be nobody here…um-hum, I know.

From Animal Kingdom we headed over to Magic Kingdom where we got to meet-up with my dear friend H.  H and I have been chatting on an online adoption group for years, and got to meet last March at a Created for Care Conference.  This time our husbands and babies got to meet which was so exciting (and honestly one of E’s favorite parts of the trip- hanging with people her size!).  I also got to meet H’s friend (and my friend) S whom H had introduced me too.  S’s sweet little girl and husband were also along.  We spent a wonderful afternoon at Magic Kingdom together, and E even rode on the Teacups which quickly went from excitement:


To not so excited


Whether you can believe it or not, she actually was begging to go back on this ride through the rest of our trip.  I guess we have a thrill seeker on our hands!

One of my personal favorite parts of the afternoon was when all three toddlers fell asleep for a good two hour nap and the mama’s got to sit around enjoying girl talk…and Dole Whip- yum!  Sadly, the day was nearing a close and we had to get back to our hotel room for family festivities.  We bid farewell to our old and new friends with hopes of seeing them again soon!

We made our way back to the hotel where my family was gathering to celebrate my Uncles birthday.  Our friends in the bakery at Animal Kingdom Lodge did not disappoint.Image

We spent the remainder of the evening in the company of family (giraffes, zebra’s, and ostriches included) celebrating my uncles birthday and just being together.

E had seemed to get onto a normal schedule for the new time zone but to be safe I had left Monday as a “buffer” day to allow us to just relax and truly “vacation”.  Little did I know what vacation woe’s were still waiting to greet us…

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  1. I was so excited to read part 1 bring me part 2 asap!

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