Why I’ll Never Visit Walt Disney World – Transportation Woe’s.

Monday, October 14th, was our second full day at Walt Disney World.  Because this was also Columbus Day, I scheduled it as kind of a “free day” of sorts anticipating heavy crowds and us needing a day to relax & breathe.

I was right.

I had originally thought that we were going to spend the day at Typhoon Lagoon, our favorite water park.  Ironically, A worried it would be to cold for the water, and he was wrong.  We got up late in the morning (by east coast time, but still early for our internal west coast clocks) still trying to help E acclimate to the time change and got ready to head to the water park (the most time intensive part being the application of a boat load of sun screen on all three of us as we are all ghostly pink and white) and went down stairs to take a bus to Typhoon Lagoon.

(Side note- I had used a grocery service to have groceries delivered to our room for the days we weren’t having a theme park breakfast.  This was the most brilliant decision ever.)

When we got to our hotel bus depot, the monitors stated a bus to Typhoon Lagoon (by way of Down Town Disney) would be to us in about 5 minutes, fantastic.  Well, five minutes turned to ten minutes, which turned to 15 minutes, which turned to 20 minutes.  Finally, 40 minutes later, we boarded a bus to the water park.  (Mind you buses are supposed to run every 20 minutes or less).


After a 20 minute bus ride our first stop took us to Downtown Disney.  By now it was already well towards the noon hour and A & I had dinner reservations for date night, and my parents had a date night with Miss E.  Considering how long transportation took us this trip, we knew we needed to leave our hotel by 3:30.

So we got off the bus at Downtown Disney.  It wasn’t horrible, I wanted to stop in the Christmas shop anyway and we got to grab lunch at Earl of Sandwich, which is amazing, and perked up our afternoon for sure.

After doing a bit more shopping, we boarded the bus back to our hotel and since we had promised E some pool time (and she doesn’t know the difference) we stopped at our hotel pool area for her to have some fun.  While she and A dipped in the pool and did some slides, mama got herself one of these beauties:


Suddenly the afternoon didn’t seem too bad.  We spent a bit more time by the pool, then headed up to our room.  E went down for a short nap, and I got ready for the evening.  Soon, my parents were at our door ready to take Miss E out!


She refused to *not* wear her Tinkerbell shoes

And A& I followed their lead for our first date night in a long, long time.


We headed to EPCOT to eat at Chef Des France, which honestly I picked because I really wanted some French Onion Soup.  We had a very nice dinner with a very kind server.  And then, the night went downhill.

When we got our check I noticed that we had twice the number of Table Service Credits used (from our dining plan) that should have been redeemed.  We had thought it was an issue with that restaurant, but the manager showed us his transactions and his debits from our allotment.  He informed us to take it up with the front desk of our hotel.  Knowing they were still “testing” magic bands, I figured it would be an easy fix to have this resolved (maybe if we had a front desk staff that was concerned about helping us, it would have been).  Still, A & I enjoyed the last hour of EPCOT being open after our dinner and partook in the Food and Wine Festival.  Okay, I partook in Food and Wine Festival and enjoyed a few glasses of sangria, champagne, wine (maybe in that order?) on our way back to the bus depot.

Upon our arrival back at our hotel, I stopped at the front desk to have our table credit allotment fixed.  About 90 minutes later and two supervisors, it was finally fixed.  Basically, my parents had accidentally given the restaurant they ate at E’s magic band (which was linked to our room and our account).  Now, her band was supposed to have zero charging privileges and zero ability to access our meal entitlements (it was simply for her to have a room key for us to give my parents since the Magic Bands were also room keys), and when they checked her band this was the case, but apparently the server at the restaurant my parents went through “forced through” two adult meal entitlements on an infants band…without requiring our PIN to be entered.  Needless to say, after that moment, I was no longer careless with E’s magic band.

This experience pretty much sums up the root of our troubles this trip.  It wasn’t that issues arose, that happens, it’s that they were mistakes not made by us that took a ridiculous amount of time to have resolved by management at what should be a world-class hotel with five-star customer service that was majorly lacking.

After we finally got the situation resolved we headed back to our room with full tummies (A’s of food and mine of butterfly’s and nerves).  Tuesday marked our “Princess” Day for E and I was very skeptical of how it would turn out…and don’t worry, it didn’t go at all as I had planned.

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