Why We’ll Never Visit Walt Disney World Again: The Princess Day That Wasn’t Part 1

If you’re new to my blog, I’ll fill you in on a secret – I am Jenn, and I am Type A, O.C.D when it come to vacation planning.

If you’ve been around a while, you’re likely thinking that’s a mild way to describe my addiction to vacation planning control.

I had been planning what became known as “Princess Day” for two and a half years since I dreamed of having a daughter ages ago.  It involved a princess dress, hair style, princess meet and greets, and hearing E being addressed as “princess” by cast members all.day.long.  I planned every single detail about the day to maximize the sparkles and glory that being a princess entails, and it failed.


Let me start by saying, I take my share of the fault, because I do.  Trust me, I have since learned that vacationing with a toddler means throwing out my vacation spread sheet.  I have learned that waking you can not get your 2.5 year old adjusted to a completely different time zone in two days.  And I have learned that as much as I dream about something happening, it doesn’t mean it’s a part of E’s scope at this time, or even possibly ever.  So, before you start bashing me or pointing out Disney guidelines, please know that I already own my fault in the failure that was “The Princess Day That Wasn’t”.

Our day started out with an opening appointment at Disney Worlds Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique.  I had stayed up one night until the phone lines opened to book E an opening day appointment in the BBB inside Cinderella’s Castle in Fantasyland (because the one in Down Town Disney just wouldn’t be magical enough).  If you remember my post regarding our first day there, then you’ll know that getting to the parks for an “early morning reservation” isn’t as simple as walking across the street.  We had to take a cab (again), board a monorail, and then enter Magic Kingdom before we arrived at our final destination.  Thankfully, this time we knew this in advance.  It also involved waking E up at like 3:30 a.m. her time and to her body it was still 3:30 a.m. (and she let us know that).

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique is set for girls ages 3-12.  E is 2.5.  First, let me start with the pro’s.  When I showed E the YouTube video’s of BBB, she was SO excited and said she wanted to do it.  She loves to have her hair and nails done by me, and loves to do “pretend” make up.  This was not a complete “Dance Mom/Toddler and Tiara Nightmare Mom” move on my behalf.  When I made the reservation, I asked how strict they were about the minimum age 3 requirement, as E would be 2.7.  I was told, “well, we’re not going to ask for her birth certificate”.  Yes, I understand Disney sets parameters for a reason.  Lesson learned my friends, lesson learned.

We entered into the boutique, and at first E was really excited.  She loved all the pretty dresses and accessories she saw:


Ignore my horrible face, and note E’s excited face!

And that’s where the excitement ended.  And fast.  After selecting her outfit (Jasmin) we took her into the room to change, and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, she just started screaming, and screaming, and screaming.  At that point, we knew it was over, but the problem was she was half-dressed and she screamed if we tried to take the 1/2 she had on off, or if we tried to put the other 1/2 on.  Finally, after offering movies, treats, and stuffed animals (not for her to do the make over, simply for her to let us get her dressed in her own clothes) we ripped off the band-aid and she screamed while we put her clothes on and Aaron carried her out being pierced by the daggers of parents who thought we were the most horrible people in the world.

At that point, we decided that A and E should just go back to the room to let her nap, relax, and breathe, and I’d take care of our reservations for the morning and meet them in the room.  Now, let me stop for a minute and reference that A waited with E for over 50 minutes for a bus back to our hotel.  This wasn’t the time he waited in line while buses came and went, this was the amount of time it took for a (singular) bus to arrive to take him and our screaming, exhausted child back to our hotel.  Again, I remind you, the bus ride itself quotes that buses are supposed to arrive every 20 minutes between parks and hotels.

We had a breakfast reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table, that I had paid for in advance.  It’s supposed to require a 24 hour cancellation.  Thankfully after they heard our story, they refunded our money and released our reservation.  At this point, I was incredibly defeated, not because “Princess Day” didn’t go as planned, but because I felt like I had let E down, and I couldn’t make her happy.  On the verge of tears, the cast member informed us that because we cancelled our reservation, the Make a Wish family that was waiting stand-by to get in, was getting to eat in the restaurant.  I think she told me this thinking it would keep me from crying, but instead I balled…a lot.  It was the humbling realization that even though today didn’t go as planned, we have unlimited opportunities for more princess days, something not every parent and child shares, and suddenly my heart hurt.

After a pep talk from my mom, and a text message from A saying E had fallen asleep so we should do as we wished, my mom and I headed over to Animal Kingdom to meet up with the rest of our family.  Animal Kingdom with my cousins meant one thing: Expedition Everest!

wdw201328813237315_6875282568Seeing as how the Matterhorn is my favorite ride at Disneyland, it only seems right that my favorite ride at Walt Disney World wold be it’s supercharged bad ass cousin!

After spending a bit more time at Animal Kingdom, we finally gave into it’s ridiculous humidity and heat and headed back to our hotel to rest up for dinner at a restaurant and Princess Day Part 2.

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