While We’ll Never Visit Walt Disney World Again – Day 6 (Part 1) The “Dish” on Disney Dining.

Unfortunately Day 6 started with a fever for E.  A decided to stay back at the hotel with her (he wasn’t feeling great either), so I headed off to Hollywood Studios with my parents as we had a lunch reservation.

I’m going to stop here to discuss one of the reasons why I was so upset with this trip.  In the 3 trips I’d taken to Disneyworld prior, I had always used the Walt Disney World Dining Plan, so naturally we purchased it this trip as well.  In essence we pre-paid for one sit down meal per day, one counter service meal per day, and a snack each day.  I had made all of our sit down reservations at our 180 day mark and all of our entitlements were “spoken for” so to speak.  Here’s the problem, scheduling meals 6 months in advance with a toddler, doesn’t work, but by the time we arrived and knew this, we couldn’t get a reservation anywhere else any time.  So, if we cancelled our reservations we lost the money we had already spent on the meal plan PLUS had to pay out of pocket to eat a second counter service meal.  I was sick and tired of having to leave my husband and our baby, but at the same time we didn’t want to keep bleeding out money.

As we sat at the bus stop I had one of two conversations that are important for this day.  We are Disney Vacation Club Members, and we were using our DVC points to stay at our hotel on this trip.  Seeing as we were having a horrible experience and weren’t getting resolution from our hotel management, I phoned into DVC to share this information with them.  I put it in terms they would understand, they were losing out on cash money (and our guide specifically on commission).  When we left for Florida A&I had ever intention of adding on points to our time share contract.  After this experience, BUYING more DVC was far from our minds and in fact selling our current ownership interest was crossing it.  We spoke to some very kind people who made a note to call us back once we arrived home, and they did, but we’ll talk about that later.

Mom, Dad, and I headed off to Hollywood Studios where we had lunch and did some shopping.  I think we road Toy Story Mania, but to be honest I’m not sure.  It doesn’t resonate in my mind because it’s exactly the same as Disneyland, except at Disneyland you can’t fast pass it, but the wait time is about half of what it is at Walt Disney World.  While we were walking around, a Vacation Club Guide at a booth noticed my “DVC Member” lanyard to “welcome me home”.  This poor man got an earful, but was so kind to me.  He sent an email to his manager and gave me a phone number to call once I got home.  It was honestly refreshing to speak to someone who was concerned about how I was feeling after the way we were treated at the hotel.

At this point I parted ways with my parents to head back to the hotel and see A and E.  We had tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that night and I was hoping E was feeling up to attending.

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