Why I’ll Never Visit Walt Disney World Again: Day 5 AKA – WDW Buses are Fired.

**I realize this series has lagged on longer then anticipated.  In fact, I’m almost starting to forget our day’s there.  So, in an effort to complete it without forgetting much, I’m going to try to complete this series this week.**

After having such an eventful day the day prior, we opted to forgo our breakfast reservation in EPCOT for a Princess Storybook breakfast and let E sleep in.  And sleep she did.  She woke up around 10:00 a.m. (which was only 7:00 a.m. her time).  A & I woke up earlier to start getting ready, as we had a large family lunch reservation that afternoon in EPCOT at 11:45.  When E woke up we let her hang out on the balcony for a bit before getting her dressed hoping that if we let her take her time and not rush her, we’d set a better tone for today then we had yesterday.


We were dressed, ready to go, and at the bus stop by 11:00 a.m. (leaving us 45 minutes to get to our lunch reservation), but I should have known.  Sitting in the bus depot, we waited over 45 minutes for a bus to EPCOT (are you noticing a theme?).  I was so angry as we had 8 other people waiting for us at the restaurant who wouldn’t be seated until we arrived.  Not only was this cutting into our vacation time, it was cutting into the vacation time of our family.  During our excruciating wait I marched down to the hotel lobby (not an exaggeration) to speak to a supervisor yet again about our transportation woe’s (we had experienced them the night before leaving Magic Kingdom as well).  The supervisor informed me that the bus driver’s and bus system are actually operated by a third party (not true) and that taking up to an hour was normal (not true).  Seeing as I was getting no where I decided to seek resolution elsewhere.

Once we finally arrived at the restaurant, we were seated, and I asked to speak with the restaurant manager.  I informed him of our transportation woes, and understood they had nothing to do with him per say, but was seeking his advice on where to direct my concerns since the management at our hotel obviously wasn’t too concerned about our vacation time being eaten away by lengthy bus waits.  He was very, very, very kind and sincere in trying to help us.  Honestly, he was one of the first sincere and kind cast members we encountered on our trip.

We had a delicious meal, but clearly my morning had exhausted me and at some point I fell asleep on my dad’s shoulder (I guess some things never change, huh?)


After lunch we opted to take a large family shot (now you can see almost everyone who joined us on our trip, minus my Uncle who was only in town for the weekend).  In case you’re wondering, this isn’t even a fraction of my extended family.


After lunch we headed over to Test Track and road it in large groups.  My mom and my aunt opted not to ride it, and stayed in waiting area with E.


At this point, we all kind of separated.  After having a nice conversation with two of my cousins, I think A, my dad, and I all headed over to Hollywood Studios, as we had Fast Pass Plus reservations to see Fantasmic.  (Side Note- A has never seen Fantasmic and my dad and I haven’t watched it in close to a decade.  While you can see it at Disneyland Park it’s kind of in the middle of the park, and people start to reserve seats hours in advance, so getting to see it in a designated amphitheater was far more appealing.  I forgot how much I LOVE Fantasmic!)


While we were waiting for our show time we did some shopping (Okay, I did some shopping.  I finally found our Christmas stockings and a place to have them embroidered).  While I was shopping E was working her magic on Pop-Pop and conned him into purchasing a light up toy for her.

After watching Fantasmic we headed over to Magic Kingdom to catch my favorite parade of all time, The Electric Light Parade.  This parade used to be at Disneyland (and reminds me of my childhood), but is now at Walt Disney World.



Favorite parade float of all time ❤ Elliot.

After getting our fill of an old time favorite we tried to head back to our room, but ran into a glitch.  You see, my mom was about 8 weeks post op of having a knee replacement, and my dad was 3 months (he also has RA), so they had rented a motorized vehicle to help with the long days of walking.  Unfortunately, this lead to some problems getting bus drivers to cooperate with taking the time to load the ECV on the bus, and while we waited our turn in line as anyone else would do, we ran into a bus driver who refused to load my parents, so we had to wait for another one.

I’m guessing I don’t need to tell you how that one turned out, so stay tuned for Day 6, which leads to two very interesting conversations I have regarding our experience….

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