Why We’ll Never Visit Walt Disney World Again – Day 6, Part 2

When I returned to the hotel, I was delighted to see E was feeling much better (as was A) and that she had been her spunky self for quite some time.  We decided to go ahead and proceed with the evening festivities of heading to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  We got E dressed in her Tinkerbell costume (it was a Halloween Party after all) and headed on our way!


I had heard wonderful things about the special parade that’s done for the Halloween Party, so we decided to stay close to Main Street so we wouldn’t miss it.  Seeing as E loves Mickey and Minnie, we opted to head to their meet and greet first!


Once we were done, we decided to claim our seats for the parade and get cozy.  My Aunt and Uncle were also at the Halloween Party that night, so we all gathered to wait for the parade.  While we were waiting, Phineas and Ferb came by with their dance party.  E loved jumping up to dance with them on Main Street!


After a fun dance party, we watched the parade which was just as amazing as everyone states it is.  We asked E what she wanted to do, and naturally her response was meet Tinkerbell.  Of course.  So we headed over to get in line to meet Tinkerbell.  While the line was a lot longer then anticipated (and looked) E didn’t care, she made some new friends in line!


I know it’s not the best picture, but I didn’t want to post other peoples children’s faces without their consent.

After a bit of a wait, she finally met Tinkerbell in her Tinkerbell costume!


After meeting Tinker Bell we spent the rest of the evening walking around and enjoying the atmosphere.  We didn’t actually trick or treat at all that evening, we just took in the ambiance of the park decked out with extra special activities for Halloween.

E started to get very sleepy and we opted to head back to the hotel.  Even though we had plans to come back to Magic Kingdom the next day, we opted to try one more time to see if we’d have success at Typhoon Lagoon, or rather if we could even manage to find our way there.

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