Why We’ll Never Go To Disneyworld Again – Day 8

After a nice relaxing Friday evening we were ready to tackle Animal Kingdom on Saturday.  Being that this is one of my favorite parks and we’d spent hardly any time there, we decided to try to knock out at least the Kilimanjaro Safari before we left.  We even managed to snag “Fast Pass Plus” reservations for it.

We stopped for a few photo’s before hitting the safari.  We had purchased our Photo Pass Plus for the trip, and as the trip hadn’t gone as planned, we hadn’t utilized it as much as I intended, so we were trying to cram in some last-minute additions.


We were actually having a great morning and making wonderful time through the Fast Pass Plus line…until we hit the “break-away” point.  Remember, my parents had an electric scooter, and because of how the line flows all wheel chairs had to “break away” from the normal line into this small cove.  This very, very small, cramped, warm cove.  We stood there and waited…and waited…and waited.  It was a hot day, and Animal Kingdom is always the hottest of the parks.  It was so hot that I, a desert dwelling native used to 100+ degree temperatures, lost my breakfast waiting in line.  Not the highlight of my trip.

After sharing this with the Disney Cast Members (so they could dispatch janitorial to clean it up) and asking if we could park our ECV outside of the line and re-enter the normal fast pass line, we finally made progress and moved into the boarding area.  At this point, I wasn’t so much interested in the actual safari as I was being in an open vehicle with wind blowing in my face.

We enjoyed the safari, especially E, who was excited to see more animals on her trip.  Once we departed A, E, and I decided to head back to the hotel to cool down and relax.  Back at the hotel E soaked up her balcony friends for our last afternoon at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

SONY DSC SONY DSCAfter a brief nap and more transportation woe’s (same story, different day) we ended up back at EPCOT for dinner at LeCellier with my Aunt and Uncle.  Our food was delicious, but EPCOT was horrible honestly.  It was a Saturday night during food and wine festival.  People were drunk, rude, and vulgar.  It was certainly not like any Disney experience I’ve ever had before.

After dinner we headed over to Test Track and my mom, aunt, and I all gave it a spin.

wdw201329314372706_6875282772Afterwards, we gave my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle fast passes we had for EPCOT that day to use on Soaring over California (A & I had done it on our date night, and couldn’t ride it again with E).  While they were doing that, we hit “The Seas” with Nemo and Friends (which E adored).  Exiting that ride brought us to a part of the park I’d never experienced before.  And it was a part of the park that held E’s new favorite animal – Manatee’s!

SONY DSCShe was SO excited to see these guys!  I’m sad because there isn’t an aquarium around that has any, so she’ll just have to wait until our next trip to visit again!

After hanging out with the Manatee’s, E and I went over to “The Character Spot” and met up with these crazy friends:

wdw201329314365865_6876291679 wdw201329314365494_6876287171 wdw201329314365375_6876281229We had a really short wait to meet 3 of the famous fab 5 which was nice, it made up for not meeting any characters the past few days (character meet and greets are E’s favorite part of the parks).

After we finished up at The Character Spot we met up with my aunt, uncle, mom, and dad for a final group EPCOT photo.

wdw201329314375749_6876291963 It was our very last night at Disneyworld, and we all couldn’t wait to get home the next day!

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