Why We’ll Never Go To Disneyworld Again – Day 9

Our last and final day at Walt Disneyworld wasn’t one filled with too much activity.  We spent our morning packing up our bags, getting them down to bell services (which was a nightmare) and decided to head over to Down Town Disney.

We didn’t have a reservation for T-Rex Cafe, but really wanted to try it.  Because we belong to the Landry’s Select Club, we’re supposed to be able to walk up and be seated right away.  If right away is 30 minutes later, then that was true.

Our meal was horrible.  Well, I should say the service was horrible as I never actually got to eat my meal.  It took over an hour after ordering for our food to show up, and that was only because we literally stood up and said we were leaving (we had a flight to catch).  They brought out our food in to-go boxes, and we brought it with us, but had to dump it at the airport.

After burning the last of our snack credits from our dining plan at the hotel gift shop, we boarded our Magical Express bus back to Orlando and got ready to head home.

The airport was a pretty easy experience, I like MCO well enough as there’s a lot to do to keep entertained (IE: Lots of shopping available).

I will say, we flew US Airways to MCO and Southwest back.  Flying Southwest with a toddler is such a stressful experience because you’re not guaranteed a seat.  The gate area was insane, and when we lined up in A group (we paid for early check in) they told us we needed to go back to customer service to get our stroller tagged.  I sent A back to do this while I waited in line (to make sure we got to board with A group and get 3 seats together).  He couldn’t even make it to Customer Service so I used some not so nice language (not my finest moment) and pretty much just decided we’d chance it.  Luckily the agent working the gate sudden found a stroller tag in her pocket and tagged our stroller before we got to the bottom of the jetway.

We had an easy flight home, our luggage all made it on the plane, and I had never been so happy to see a limo driver in my entire life as I was when we were greeted by ours.  After a 20 minute drive we were pulling up to our home.

I had never been happier to see my house.

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