Why I will (at least for now) Always Return to Walt Disney World – It Begins.

I know, I know.  Clearly I am an indecisive woman.  I spent months telling you all the reasons why I would never return to Disneyworld and now I’m telling you I’ll always return, it’s madness I tell you, pure madness.

My family and I just returned from the most amazing week long Walt Disneyworld stay I could ever have imagined.  It was the polar opposite of our trip in the fall.  It was the trip to end all trips.

And I spent half of what I spent on my fall trip on this trip.  (Ironic how that works, isn’t it).

Anyway, I have a lot of back story to fill in before I go into detail on this trip, but if you’re intrigued as to what on earth could have possibly happened that warmed my heart to Walt Disneyworld, stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!  Our story includes a couple of Frozen princesses, a mine train, lots of Vitamin D, and a few Star Wars friends.

For now I leave you with this, pure and utter joy.


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