Why I Will (at least for now) Always Return to Walt Disneyworld: The really long back story.

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to you that the months leading up to our trip were pretty rough for me emotionally and therefore also on my family.  I was overcome with intense desperation and fear and it quickly grabbed a hold of me and dragged me down deeper then I even care to remember right now.

I saw a doctor, I saw a counselor, I spoke to a few friends who understood what I was feeling.  It took a while but I finally started to claw my way out of the trench I had been drug into.  After meeting with my (amazing) primary care doctor for a few hours one afternoon about everything and trying to decide a more permanent course of action he recalled a video a colleague had sent him regarding eating lifestyles for women with endocronological (is that a word?) disorders like PCOS (which I have), Diabetes (which I do not have, and do not want), Insulin Resistance (which PCOS can cause), etc.  I watched the video and while I was skeptical at first, I was willing to try anything.  Low and behold…it worked and it worked fast.  In less than a weeks time I felt more emotionally balanced and stable then I had felt in months.  And while I had already started to climb out of my whole (which I’ll likely delve into more later I suppose) this change was like someone strapped a jet pack on me that launched me out of the hole with a vengeance.

I say all this not to word vomit to you about this lifestyle change I made, but because the last time I left you, it was pretty obvious that I was not in a good place.  And I want you to know that place resonated with me for a lot longer then I would have liked it too, but I also want you to know that I got out of that place before we took this trip, and I feel that’s really important to the outlook my little family of three had that week.

For my husband, his wife was finally smiling and happy and enjoying herself again.  And if you only know one thing about my husband, know that he would sacrifice anything to see his ladies (myself and E) happy.

For my daughter, mama was happy and playing and believing in magic, and even at her ripe old age of 3 (even though we may have told Disney she was just under 3…) she was fully aware to the change in my mentality and personality.

For me, I could finally feel the magic again and really, that’s what Disney is all about right – the magic?

We left for this trip excited not for the attractions, or Mickey Mouse, or dining experiences, or even Dole Whips we left purely excited for the fact that after a long, daunting few months we had a week of freedom to enjoy as a family no work or school, no appointments or commitments, no distractions, a week as the T family purely to explore and enjoy our time together.

And that my friends, is exactly what my little family needed.

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