A “Perfect” First Day of School

This morning was E’s first day of “real” Preschool. She had been in a Preschool environment since April, but today she started a new school that is an actual Academic Institution (literally) and not a daycare. To say it went perfectly means you have to understand my definition of perfect.

E has been home with myself or with a nanny for over 2 and a half years. This has meant that she has set her own sleeping schedule. Because she’s never really been required to wake up at a certain time to get to a sitter or daycare center based off of our work schedules, she tends to sleep in, take a later nap, and go to bed later then most kids her age. This has worked really well for our family. A often works late, and by her being up later has meant she’s gotten some quality time with daddy. This morning however, it backfired, severely.

Last night E had a very hard time getting to sleep. I laid down with her for over 3.5 hours before she finally fell asleep, and even then it wasn’t a deep sleep as whenever I tried to get out of her bed, she woke up and called out for me. In the end, I bunked with her for the night. I think she likely fell asleep around 11:45 or Midnight. This made her 7:00 a.m. wake up call tretourous. Let me simply say that if this was a preview of what we have to look forward to in her teenage years, well, I’m going to need to invest in protective armor considering she won’t be nearly as small as she is now.

On a typical day A will drive her to school since her school is walking distance from his office (which is a godsend). However, since it was her first day, I wanted to accompany them. Can I just say, after being a Stay-At-Home-Mom for the last two years, I have forgotten how horrible rush hour traffic is, let alone rush hour traffic in the rain? (We live in a desert, we don’t get too much rain, but it’s our monsoon season and this morning we got hit with a doozy!) Needless to say, this did not help the mood of the morning.

When we finally arrived to school, E was willing to be content enough to pose for a photo. Don’t let the smile fool you though my friends, plenty of tears were shed this morning:

First Day of School


Drop off went well, E has an excellent teacher who is more then equipped to handle helicopter parents (me) and get them out of the classroom quickly in a kind and loving manner.  I know she’s going to have an amazing first day in her new school.

I don’t start school until next week (say what?!) so her two days of school this week mean I have 12 hours of “free” time.  As I began my drive home I was still reeling from the events of the morning, somewhat disappointed that we had such a rough first day, that I spent this morning having to fight to get her ready instead of babbling on and on with her about what a wonderful first day she’d have.  Until, I drove by this:



It’s our local Children’s Hospital.  The same one E spent countless hours, days, and nights in until we finally got her illnesses under control.  And I realized that on the other side of those walls were parents who would give anything to have had the ability to fight with their children as they prepared them for their school day, because it meant they were healthy enough to go to school.  And I thought of Jennifer.  And I thought of all of the waiting mama’s on the adoption boards I belong to and how they so desperately yearn for a child to “fight with” because that means they’re a parent.  And then I felt like a douche bag for setting unrealistic expectations.

So, while today may not have been the perfect first day of school according to Pinterest, or Facebook, or all the Mommy Blogs out there, it was perfect for us.  It was perfect for my baby girl who is a strong willed, determined, “do it in my own time” independent little girl.  A little girl who calls me mama, a title I am blessed beyond measure to have.


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One Response to A “Perfect” First Day of School

  1. Jill says:

    Tears.. You nailed it. Perfect is what we have every day.

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