We’re Going to Hawaii!

Look, I’m blogging, two days in a row, and about something happy!

A and I started planning our summer vacation about 2 days after we got home from our Walt Disney World Vacation last June (which was amazing).  Originally we intended on going back to Disney World and we had such rave reviews that my best friend and her family decided they’d join us as well.

I’m sure you’re probably saying, but the title of this post is “We’re Going to Hawaii” not “We’re going to Walt Disney World.”  I am a member of Disney Vacation Club (Disney’s timeshare yes, its expensive, but if you vacation at Disney, it’s totally worthwhile, and we do).  My home resort is one of the many resorts in Orlando, Florida, and I can begin booking trips there 11 months from my vacation date.  After our two trips to Disneyworld last year, we learned a key element, staying at a monorail hotel is crucial (at least with a toddler/preschooler).  My resort is not a monorail resort, which meant I couldn’t book at a different DVC resort until 7 months before our vacation.

When A and I discussed this, he stated that if we couldn’t get the hotel we wanted for the week we wanted, he wanted to try something else, he wanted to go to Aulani, Disney’s resort on Oahu which is also a part of Disney Vacation Club.  I had previously mentioned going there to A, but he never wanted to take the 6 hour flight with E.  After our flight to Orlando last year ended up being over 9 hours in travel time due to a delay and E handled it like a champ, A decided she could handle the extra hour in travel time from our home town to Honolulu vs. our hometown to Orlando.

Copyright Vivid Fotos  http://vividfotos.com

Copyright Vivid Fotos http://vividfotos.com

Well, at our 7 month booking window the resort in Orland we wanted wasn’t available, but Aulani was!  I told A that if we were flying across the pacific, I wanted an ocean view room (it required more points, but I wanted to hear/see the ocean from my balcony) which he reluctantly agreed to.  When I logged in, the room we wanted for the week we wanted was available, so we booked it!

We originally booked our stay to arrive on our Wedding Anniversary, June 12th, and check out the following Friday, June 19th.  However, we’ve since had to alter our travel plans (I may have postponed buying our airfare thinking “I’d find a better deal”- one day I’ll learn).  And I broke the news to my best friend (who had already booked her trip) that while she was heading 2500 miles east, we were heading 2800 miles west, thankfully she was understanding.

This is the first time that both A and I have vacationed to a destination neither of us have been too which if I’m being honest makes me nervous, but knowing it’s a Disney resort, gives me much more confidence.  I’m hoping the resort is the perfect blend of Disney magic (’cause this girl loves her some Disney magic) and lush tropical relaxation that this family needs!


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