We’re Going to Hawaii- A Rough Outline of Our Trip

For our Hawaii trip, I’ve done my best to be educated, but not over zealous in making an itinerary.   Neither A nor I have been to Hawaii before, but we both know that our best vacations are the ones that don’t involve an Excel Spreadsheet of our itinerary that one of us ::cough, cough, me:: has created mapping out every 1/2 hour block of our trip.  I’ve done really well with this up until now, but when I see our countdown getting smaller and smaller, a little voice inside me says, “You slacker, get on that spreadsheet woman!”

Aulani Countdown

So, I’ve decided that instead of breaking out my spreadsheet (which I refuse to do for this trip, its like a bad omen) I’ll put a bit of pen to paper and do a rough outline of our trip.  This way you can tell me if I’m missing any “must do’s” and I can feel like we’re not just going to wake up the day we’re leaving and think, “Gee, were we actually in Hawaii?”  

Because school is winding down for both E and I (I have one final left tomorrow that I don’t even technically have to take) we made a trip to the library today.  I wanted to see if I could find a kids book that could give her a background on Pearl Harbor and why the memorial (which we are visiting) is so important.  While she’s young, and while we are vacationing at Disney, she’s at an age now where I feel it’s important to start exposing her to the historical events that shaped our nation.  I don’t expect her to fully comprehend the events of December 7th, 1941, but I do hope that it will help her understand why it’s a place where we remain reverent and respectful.  While we were there I also picked up two (outdated) travel guides to flip through as well.

IMG_7361The travel guides didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know (which I take as a good thing).  They did reaffirm a few places that were on our “maybe” list that are now on our “must do” list.

Thursday, Day 1:

Well, it’s arrival day.  We’ll get our rental car, go to Costco & Target, check into Aulani, and just hang out and settle in.

Friday, Day 2:

Taking advantage of our jet lag (and the fact that the T Family is not by any means one that would be described as early risers) we made this our Pearl Harbor tour day.  Our tour is at 9:00 a.m. which means we have to be there to get our reserved tickets by 8:00 a.m.

After Pearl Harbor I scheduled us for a complimentary tour of Maui Divers Design Center.  We plan to let E pick a pearl and make a nice piece out of the pearl she picks as her big souvenir for the trip.

Saturday, Day 3:

We have reservations for a character breakfast (it is Disney afterall) and nothing else.  I expect Day 3 and Day 4 (Saturday and Sunday) to be spent enjoying everything the resort has to offer.

Sunday, Day 4:

In the evening E has her excursion with Chip and Dale and A&I have our sunset anniversary dinner (all taking place at Aulani).

Monday, Day 5:

We hope to hit up North Shore (earlier in the day) and maybe scope out some sea turtles and just check out all that North Shore has to offer.  After that I hope to venture to Sea Life Park as the travel books all say it’s a “must do” with kids and I think E would love it.

Tuesday & Wednesday, Days 6&7:

Aulani days (hoping to get to enjoy the resort during non-busy week days, or less busier than weekend days.)  I hope to see Aulani’s Starlit Hui one of the nights we’re there as we are not doing a traditional luau.

Thursday, Day 8:

We head home.

I’m hoping this itinerary provides us a mix of seeing some cool sites in Hawaii, but getting to relax as well.  If we like Hawaii, it’s easy for us to return, so I’m in no big hurry to hit every tourist attraction on the island.  We want to keep it fun and relatively age appropriate for E (minus Pearl Harbor which was a must do for A & I).  From what I understand, you could spend an entire week at Aulani and not get bored, so I’m certainly not worried about running out of things to do.  And I’ve certainly collected enough swimming suits for E over the past year to provide for hours upon hours of ocean, pool, and lazy river time.


What can I say, most of them were on clearance and my girl has super sensitive skin, so I wanted to make sure we allotted for multiple bathing suit changes each day without having to do laundry every night.

Am I missing anything that you think is a “must do” for our family while enjoying our week in Oahu?  Let me know!

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