No Such Thing as Over Prepared.

**When I outlined this post in my head last night, I imagined my message would be very different.  The difference just 12 hours can have on your life is astounding.

Vacation preparation is in full swing in our house.  Our countdown is finally in the single digits:


Most of the shopping for our trip has been completed and packing has started to commence.  While I may have skipped creating a spreadsheet for our actual trip, I did not skip creating multiple packing lists to ensure we didn’t forget anything!


She has her own plane ticket, I promise she won’t be in our checked luggage.

I put careful preparation into packing E’s outfits so that either A or I could easily dress her in the morning, finally putting my Matilda Jane infatuation obsession to good use.

IMG_7507I even managed to start putting our carry on together (we always bring one carry on bag that includes clothing and pajamas for a day in addition to necessities in case there’s a delay in our baggage).  I’ll let you guess which bag is the more “organized” one.


Watching me pack was clearly exhausting for Miss E who made herself awkwardly comfortable in her old baby swing.


I anticipated spending the rest of this week and weekend doing last minute preparations, packing, and errands for our trip.  Ironically, I’m often made fun of for my preemptive planning, usually by A who likes to joke that I am entirely too prepared.  Well, there’s a reason for my preparedness that comes from years of life lessons.  Every.single.time we take a family vacation we (namely me) have a medical emergency right before the trip.  Case in point:

Disneyworld October 2013: My awkward stomach issues which lead to many exploratory proceedures and finally surgery.

Disneyworld June 2014: Double Ear infection/sinus infection (not good for flying 2000 miles across the country) that resulted in a subsequent uncomfortable side effect.

And this year we did not escape this annual tradition, except this year, it’s not me with the medical emergency.

My husband is the healthiest person I know.  In the 8 years we’ve been together I’ve known him to go to the doctor twice, once when he needed a medical sign off that he was fit to parent for our adoption home study and the other when E got Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and the county mandated that he be placed on a prophylactic antibiotic.  That’s it.  He doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke/chew tobacco, he doesn’t drink soda, eat processed foods, or refined sugar, shoot I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen him take medication in 8 years.  And yet, no matter how well you treat your body…your body can still decide to be a bloody bastard.

A had his bi-annual routine dental cleaning this morning before work and was supposed to head straight to work from the dentist office, so when I heard him come home this morning I was slightly puzzled.  I learned after coming downstairs that he came home because the dentist informed him he needed to be seen by an oral surgeon right away.


My husband has an aggressive tumor growing in his lower jaw.  It’s gotten so big, so fast, that when he went to bed last night we had no idea it was anything more than maybe an abscess or slight inflammation, but this morning looked like a golf ball was laying under his skin.  After meeting with the oral surgeon, he thinks the tumor is likely benign, but that it needs to come out ASAP before it wrecks anymore havoc on his teeth and mandible (jaw bone) and be sent to pathology.  As it stands, he will already lose two teeth, possibly three.

Ironically, even given all my recent medical issues, this is the scariest thing I’ve encountered, second only to when E was constantly sick.  Maybe it’s because A just doesn’t get sick, ever, so the thought of him having a life threatening illness baffled me or maybe it’s because I know that a life lived without my husband by my side isn’t one that I want to have to consider.  Whatever it is, today has undoubtedly been one of the most horrific days I’ve experienced.

But this is why I prepare and plan.  Because instead of having to worry about our trip this weekend (baring we still get to go) I can spend my time doing what I should be doing, caring for and loving on my husband which I thankfully need no spreadsheets or checklists to know how to do.

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