I Left My Heart in Aulani- Day 3 Part 1

Jet-lag was still my BFF come Saturday morning, so I woke up to review the Daily ‘Iwa to make a game plan for what activities we’d be attempting to sign E up for Saturday.

IMG_7721I was only going to do Stitch’s Space Goo and the Keki Hula, but when I was in line, the other parents told me to sign up for all activities I thought she’d be interested in, we could always cancel them.  E was signed up for the Chip and Dale premium experience Sunday night, but we wanted to make sure she would enjoy Aunty’s Beach House before we paid for her to be there.

Because I was up so early, I decided to head down to get in line at 6:45 a.m.  I had read that it was recommended by other parents to get in line at 7:00 a.m. (Disney Cast Members begin distributing tickets at 8:00, but since it was a Saturday I figured there would be high demand.)  Sure enough I was correct, when I got in line at 6:45 there were already a handful of people in front of me with the line growing by the minute.

IMG_7718The line moved quickly and I met some nice people in line.  I had no idea that E needed to be there when I turned in her tickets, as she hadn’t been there before, and I needed to fill out the supplemental registration (I had done the online registration already) and take our photo.  Around 7:30 they came by and asked us which activities we wanted to register for and gave us our tickets.  I registered E for Auntie’s Aloha Party, Stitches Space Goo, and the Keki Hula.  E and A. came down around 7:50, so we could get E registered and her Aunty’s Beach House bracelet (magic band).

IMG_7806Once we got that taken care of we took a tour during the open house and headed back to the room to get ready for our character breakfast.

After we got ready, we headed down and got in line to meet Mickey before breakfast.

IMG_7743 IMG_7736After meeting Mickey, we had a short wait before being called for our table.  As soon as we were seated, Minnie came to the table, and Goofy shortly after that.

IMG_7770 IMG_7765I was very impressed with how extroverted E was at the breakfast.  She participated in the games Auntie Kathy and the characters were doing TWICE!  This is a big deal for her, she’s normally very shy!

Breakfast was pretty spendy, for the three of us it was over $100, but it was nice to do one time.  I certainly wouldn’t do it more than once in a trip, but for the experience it was nice.

After breakfast, it was time for E to head right on over to Aunty’s Beach House for E’s first activity, Aunty’s Aloha party (she had to be there by noon, and we had a very late breakfast reservation as I didn’t factor jet lag into our reservation time.)  While E was at Aunty’s Aloha Party, A. and I enjoyed our first alone time for the first time in 4 years while on vacation.

Her activity was over at 1:30, and we went down to see if E. wanted to stay until her three o’clock activity (she’d have to be there at 2:30) or if she wanted to come out with us.  She opted to leave with us, so we took her back up to the room and fed her before turning around to take her right back.

E had a great time at Stitches Space Goo (which is the activity that we heard everyone raving about our entire trip).  I think she’s ridiculously adorable in her lab coat and safety glasses!

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.12.56 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.12.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 5.12.14 PM  Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 5.13.18 PM  Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.13.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.14.16 PM

Seriously, how adorable is she!  While she was enjoying Stitch’s Space Goo, A. and I enjoyed the adult only infinity hot tub.
IMG_7784Our hour and a half in the adult only hot tub was just what we needed!  It was so nice to have a little bit of time to enjoy each other on our vacation.  But soon enough it was time to pick up E from Aunty’s Beach House and get her take on Stitch’s Space Goo and Aunty’s Beach house and her review was very surprising!

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