I Left My Heart in Aulani- Day 3 Part 2

After we picked E up from Aunty’s Beach House, I had promised her some pool time.  As we were changing her into her swim suit, I asked if she wanted to go back to Aunty’s to learn the hula (dancing).  She said that she had fun at Aunty’s, but preferred to be with us.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Aunty’s Beach House is an amazing incentive to staying at Aulani.  Their entertainment is high quality and the cast members are great.  Stitch even came in to hang out with the kids while they made Space Goo!  I know that Aunty’s is a big draw for a lot of parents so that they can A) have alone time to enjoy adult amenities and B) so older kids have fun things to do.  But when our sweet girl told us she’d rather spend time with us than go back to Aunty’s, my heart melted.  I know that the number of vacations (and really amount of time) we have where she’s picking us over cool, fun activities with friends is limited.

After we went up to the room and got E changed for the pool, we headed down to explore and ultimately hit the pool!


This was E’s favorite swim suit of the trip. It’s an Avengers rash guard (She loves Hulk!) It’s a boys rash guard and finding bottoms to match were tough. It turns out, I could have paired any bottoms with it really as you never saw them!

Because A. and I had loved the adult infinity hot tub, we decided to check out the family infinity pool.

IMG_7790      IMG_7793IMG_7798     IMG_7791

We stayed in the pool and connecting hot tub until E started to turn blue and shiver from being cold and headed back up to the room for dinner and to watch the sunset.

SONY DSCNot unlike home, A. did all the cooking on this trip.  While he was cooking, I took a few photos of our studio.  I often see discussions on trip forums about how studios work for long periods of time for more than two people.  I’m a bit obsessed with keeping our room picked up on vacation so that we have room to move around and always know where things are.  We make beds, fold towels, etc. since we don’t get daily housekeeping service.  So, this is what our Villa looked like after 3 days with 3 people living it:


Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  I think the three of us will fit comfortably in a studio for at least another two years (or until T4 joins the family).

After A. finished making dinner we enjoyed it on the balcony watching the sunset.  Again, I cannot emphasize how glad we were to have upgraded our room to an ocean view.  We used our patio a lot and enjoyed the view multiple times a day!



And a few of the view just because:


Looking straight ahead at what will be the Four Seasons.


Looking down at the lazy river and the private snorkeling reef.


Looking towards the lobby and the Ko Olina resort area.


As the sun set.


She really loved the balcony!

After dinner, we were all pretty exhausted, so we snuggled in for some television and bedtime.

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