I Left My Heart in Aulani- Day 4 Part 1

I’d like to preface this post with saying that I am currently listening to both the “Lava” score as well as the Aulani soundtrack because my heart is longing to be back in Hawaii tonight.

Sunday was a very, very busy day for us.  Originally, Sunday was supposed to be our “date day”.  E was going to go to Aunty’s and had her special Chip and Dale excursion while A. and I had our special dinner.  Well, after she melted our hearts by telling us she just wanted to spend time with us on vacation, we cancelled her excursion and our dinner so we could have some more quality time.  Sunday officially became “drive around Hawaii” day.

We got up relatively early (by our standards anyway and left the room by 8:00 a.m. heading down to the Waikiki area.  This was the only time we headed down to Waikiki and even at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning it was crazy!  I have no desire to return to this area until E is old enough to enjoy the shopping and restaurant choices (but by all means, we are not foodies at all).  What brought us down to Waikiki?  We decided to hit the Maui Diver’s Design Studio to do Pick-A-Pearl and make a few special souvenirs!  We had a really nice experience and the ladies at Maui Divers were of course very kind to us.  I didn’t take any photo’s of this, but E picked two oysters, one with a really large white pearl which we had set in a pendant for her and one black pearl we set in a pendant for me.

From here, we decided to head to the Dole Plantation (the opposite direction on the island).  Funny fact we didn’t know…we could have just done the Pick-A-Pearl AT the Dole Plantation….oh well, now we know.

The drive to Dole was uneventful and very pretty, but of course, someone fell asleep.IMG_7811So, while she slept A. and I both took the opportunity to put our sunscreen on.  I have to say, the parking situation at Dole is not ideal and the shade options are minimal, so sunscreen and proper head gear/eye gear are a must!  Once E woke up, we got her ready for her time at Dole as well.



While we had a nice time at Dole, I’ll be honest in saying that if we didn’t have a preschooler with us, we could have skipped it minus one very awesome souvenir I purchased for myself.  But with E, we decided to take the Pineapple Express train ride, which she loved.




After the train ride we all agreed we were hungry and stopped in the grill to get some lunch.  Prices weren’t horrible nor was selection, but the food was just okay.  E’s kids meal did come with a Dole frisbee however, which became one of her favorite souvenirs of the trip.  We also grabbed a dole whip in the big plastic pineapple (I love Dole whip!)

IMG_7812At this point, we were hot.  We had bought tickets to do the maze as well, but after hearing it was 30+ minutes in the sun, we gave our tickets to the people behind us in line and headed into the souvenir store to see if I could find the key chain I’d been secretly coveting since I saw it on Instagram.

IMG_7815To say I was happy to find it is an understatement!  This baby has been the topic of many conversations since returning home, apparently everyone loves Dole Whip!

Because we were now only 10 minutes away, we decided to head to North Shore from the Dole Plantation.  Who knew that a drive originally starting as 10 minutes would turn into 60 minutes….

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