I Left My Heart in Aulani- Day 4 Part 2

We decided to head into North Shore in search of Sea Turtles (and Ted’s Cream Pie).  All of my online scouting had told me to head down Kamehameha Highway to find beaches frequented by sea turtles.  To clarify, this is a two lane highway (one lane each direction) that runs along the beaches of North Shore.  Parking consists of pulling over and parking on the side of the road.  Naturally, people pulling off the road and back into the road backs up traffic, a lot.

Let me start by saying that E. didn’t have a long list of things she wanted to do in Hawaii, but the item at the top of her list was to see sea turtles, so come hell or high water, that’s what we were going to do.  As we drove, A. mentioned that he could see sea turtles beached, so we decided to find a place to park.

IMG_7818 IMG_7819You can kind of see traffic backed up next to us.  It was insane and I was all but thrilled to be parking on the side of a crazy road.  But, that’s what car insurance is for, right?  And trust me, it was SO worth it.

We walked a couple hundred feet back towards the beach and saw people in huddles at the various places where the sea turtles were beached and/or feeding.  It was one of my favorite experiences of the trip, standing in the shoreline of the sea watching these beautiful turtles swim and eat.  And as much as E. wanted to see turtles, once she saw them, she was done while I was captivated.  So, A. took up her up and down along the beach while I chatted with the beach volunteers about the sea turtles but mostly just observed them.  I have about 300 photos of them, so hopefully I don’t bore you!




As you can tell in the next photo, E was very observant of the various cultures we were interacting with on the beach and took a liking to how she saw many individuals posing for photos.


After checking out the beached turtles, E and A. had some fun playing in the sand and enjoying the overcast, foggy weather.


After we soaked up our time with the sea turtles, we ventured further up Kamehameha to pick up some coveted Ted’s Cream Pie which we were saving to enjoy for dessert that evening.

The drive back to Aulani wasn’t long, but getting out of North Shore was rough.  It took just as long to make it back down Kamehameha Highway as it did to then make it back to Aulani, but we did capture some very picturesque views on our way back.


Once back at the resort, we decided to try to catch the resorts Luau that evening, the Starlit Hui.  We got in line early, which honestly wasn’t entirely necessary.  It was being offered three times that week, so while it filled up, there was plenty of room up until show time.


After we got our lawn mats and our spot (we were in the second row) we settled in for dessert so we could enjoy our pie!  Personally, I preferred the Pineapple Cream Cheese Pie to the Chocolate Haupia pie, but E loved them both.

IMG_7852 IMG_7853

When they invited kids up to learn the hula that they’d invite them to participate in during the show, E decided to go up (I swear she grew up and matured on this trip alone!)  It was a lot of fun watching her learn to do the hula, though hard to catch a good photo as the bigger kids were crowding around her (or should I say towering around her).

IMG_7854The show was spectacular!  We opted not to do a dinner luau this trip, because we weren’t sure how much E would enjoy it.  She loved the Starlit Hui with all the dancing, the music, and of course Mickey, Minnie, and friends helped as well!


A little pre-show fun!




After the Starlit Hui was over, we were exhausted!  We had crossed several things off our list for our trip that day and we were feeling it.  We headed up to the room and went straight to bed, knowing that the next day, Monday, would be a day of relaxation for all of us…or so we thought!

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