I Left My Heart in Aulani- Hair and Makeup

I am not a beauty expert, but I do appreciate recommendations on fashionable yet easy vacation looks.

I know, this likely sounds like it’ll be a boring entry, and maybe it will be, but I know that as I was preparing for our trip, I (being a crazy OCD, type A planner person) researched how exactly to achieve an easy hair style and make up that wouldn’t melt off my face.

We live in a desert, a very hot but very dry desert, so humidity is not something I deal with often or really ever.  The last time I tried to wear make-up in a humid climate was on our honeymoon, six years ago, in Walt Disneyworld.

Our first day at Disneyworld, I put on full makeup, like I normally would.  I did okay throughout the day, and even survived through a cute mini-photo session in the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby.


You can even see my hair starting to frizz at 8:00 a.m. in the morning!


And then we, the two desert dwellers, ventured out for a very hot, humid June evening at Animal Kingdom which I believe sealed my fate.


The second day of our honeymoon we spent at Typhoon Lagoon (the water park) so naturally I went sans makeup.  One of the first things we did (and the first time my face got wet) was to ride the Crush and Gusher.


Looking at this photo, you might think my reaction is from the water being cold, or shock that I fell off the raft, but I can assure you, it’s neither of those.  The moment my face hit the water, it burned.  I don’t mean it felt irritated, as I think the amount of chlorination in the water can give most anyone an initial burn, but it felt like my entire face was on fire.  A quick trip to the first-aid station, a look in the mirror, and a call to my esthetician confirmed that I had heat rash…on my face.  You know the little red bumps babies get on their bottoms with heat rash?  I had those on my face.  Suffice to say, I ended my use of makeup on our honeymoon as well as any time I was visiting a humid climate.

Aside from my intolerable makeup/humidity relationship, I also have naturally wavy hair.  In the desert it’s usually not an issue, but put me in a humid climate and I have frizz like nobody’s business.   In Florida I can blow dry and straighten my hair with a flat-iron, step outside and look like a hot mess of frizz and unmanaged curls.  So, I knew for Hawaii I wanted a low maintenance hair routine and makeup routine that also provided UV protection.


This was all the makeup I used in Hawaii.  MAC tinted moisturizer with SPF (this stuff is AMAZING), concealer, MAC’s liquid to powder bronzer, some blush, waterproof mascara, a paint pot, light eye shadow, and lip gloss.  It may sound like a lot, but it was maybe a 5 minute routine that took only 3 brushes.  Thankfully MAC had just reformulated their tinted moisturizer with SPF and launched their waterproof mascara version of my daily mascara plus their seasonal bronzer about 2 weeks before we left.  I am happy to say that I never once broke out or got heat rash on my face, hurray!


These are all the hair products (sans my shine/thermal spray which is also Aquage) I used in Hawaii.  I know it looks like a lot, but this is two different hair routines, one for the days I blow-dried/straightened my hair, and one for the days I went with my natural wavy locks.  Because I had just had my hair highlighted (and bleached) before our trip, I opted to bring my own AG Tech II shampoo (it has more proteins in it, so it’s good for chemical blondes like myself) as well as a purple conditioner to help my hair tone (Catwalk just happened to be the only one in a travel-ish size available at the beauty store).

On days when I blow-dried and straightened, I’d apply the Matrix oil (which smelled like heaven) directly after towel drying post shower.  I then used the Aquage straightening gel to blow dry, and when I was ready to flat iron used my Aquage shine/thermal spray.

On days I went with my natural wavy locks (most days actually) before leaving the shower I’d apply a pea size amount of the H2O Hawaiian Sea Salt conditioner as a leave in conditioner.  Next, I’d apply the matrix oil directly out of the shower and let my hair air dry a bit.  I’d then use the Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves to tame my frizzy waves and the Beach Babe and/or the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to add some sea salt/conditioner to help define my waves.  (If I’m being honest, I prefer the “Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Spray” to the Bumble and Bumble spray, and the cost is about 75% less).  After giving them more time to air dry, I’d mist with my normal hair spray and be on my way.

Now, because Aulani’s pools are salt water pools, not chlorinated, I didn’t have to wash every day (which my freshly chemically treated hair appreciated).  My hair (and skin) were also incredibly soft at the end of the week because of this.

I was such a fan of my beauty routines on vacation, I now use most of them at home.  My hair doesn’t curl as well in the desert due to our hard, calcified water, but it’s so damn hot it’s usually up in a top knot or a french twist anyway!

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