I Left My Heart in Aulani- Day 5

I know I disappeared for a while, but I’m going to try my hardest to wrap up our vacation series before July ends.  

When Monday came around, we were all a little sad, we knew that we now had as many days left of our vacation as we had already spent on vacation.  The halfway point is always a bit sad knowing that the end of the trip is starting to approach.  We didn’t let that bother us for too long though.

We started our Monday by attending the Disney Vacation Club Member Mingle.  On our way down to the conference center, we stopped for a fun photo-op just outside of the lobby.  Don’t they both look like they’re on vacation (which they are, but you don’t typically find my husband in a sleeveless shirt….ever.)


We really enjoyed the member mingle, the light breakfast offering included POG juice (mama’s favorite) and a few yummy treats for Little Miss.  We learned about the tradition behind the customary lei greeting and some fun facts about DVC in general.  We also sat with some really great DVC members who made our morning very enjoyable.


After the Member Mingle however, Little Miss was ready to swim, and swim we did!  After changing for the pool, we met our favorite Aulani Photo Pass Photographer, Glen, downstairs for a few photos.  If you happen to see Glen on property, definitely stop for a session or two with him.  He’s very kind and takes his time to get some cute shots.  He’s also very good with the littles!

55978160050 5597816005655978160059

We started in the main zero entry pool.  Again, we had no problems finding a pool chair (though we were only looking for one) to drop our stuff off at.  I know this is something people are constantly talking about (trying to find a chair) but it was never an issue for us in any of the pool areas.

IMG_7957While we were swimming we had an unfortunate incident of me trying to capture underwater video of E jumping in the pool and our heads bumping.  If you remember, from my (only) April post, I was not yet two months post hospitalization the Neurological Institute for crazy headaches, so this wasn’t pretty.  We decided to head over to the beach so E and A could play in the sand and I could lay back and relax…with a Mickey Pretzel.  Side note: I really wish there was another place in Aulani that sold Mickey Pretzels other than the beach cart, say maybe the Ulu Cafe?

IMG_7966 IMG_7976

After a while, E started complaining that she was tired (which is out of character for her) but we figured between jet lag and all the excitement the past few days a nap would do us all some good.  we head up to the room and washed off the pool and beach, and she was out like a light.


I took the opportunity to get some laundry done.  Exciting, I know, but necessary.  I met a few really neat people in the laundry room but also realized a few heating elements of the dryers were out, so it took an extra hour to get all our clothing dry.  The Costco bags we picked up on our first day helped to organize and carry our laundry (thanks Costco!)


When I came back to the room, E was still asleep and starting to feel warm and sound congested.  Because she suffers from Asthma, slight congestion can turn into something bad, quick (which is why we travel with a small children’s pharmacy).  A. and I decided it’d be a quiet evening in, and we got her propped up and started her inhaler.  When she woke up, she requested pizza.

I went down to the front desk and they recommended Pizza Corner.  They gave me their number so I could call my order in ahead of time and also highly recommended getting their Garlic Knots.  I wish I would have realized literally how close Pizza Corner is, as I wouldn’t have driven (it was just across the street from the resort).  Remember, parking spaces in Hawaii are small and we had a bigger car than we were used to.  Upon arriving at Pizza Corner, they informed us that they also offer free delivery to Aulani (DOH!)  Anyway, if you’re staying at Aulani, and craving pizza, I highly recommend them!  As you can see, half the pizza was devoured before I could even snap a photo!


While E was eating I went downstairs and grabbed a few movies for us to watch, Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day as well as The Help.  She fell asleep during the first movie, and A. and I stayed up to watch The Help hoping an easy night in, preemptive medicine, and lots of sleep would help Little Miss feel better the next day!

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