I Left My Heart in Aulani- Day 6

When we awoke Tuesday Morning, E seemed to be feeling better, but we wanted to play it safe.  After my hospitalization in April and A.’s mysterious mouth tumor still pending results (which ended up being benign by the way) the last thing we wanted to do was visit a hospital in Hawaii (though, my husband came prepared with directions to the nearest Urgent Care and Hospital on the island).

We decided to take it easy and stay out of the water for the day.  Now, Aulani offers several non-water activities, but we certainly weren’t sending her to Auntie’s Beach House, and most of the activities involve walking around the resort.  Telling a 4-year-old she can’t go into the pool/ocean/etc doesn’t go over well.

We started our day in the Pau Hana room for some pin trading and another drop in activity where you could make your own post card.  Both went over very well, though E was convinced she was a pirate and the pins were her booty.

55978160089  IMG_7992

I had also called the character line to get the list of characters who’d be taking guests that afternoon.  Thankfully, Donald Duck was on the schedule (he’s one of E’s favorites).  We tried to cleverly position our times so that we’d hit the tail end of one character and the beginning of another character’s meet and greet.  But once E realized that the characters were coming to that specific spot, she didn’t want to leave.  So, I sat on a rock and she sat between my legs.


We were able to catch all the characters available on Tuesday (minus Duffy which E had no interest in).

55978160134  5597816011155978160125

And then, when she saw this guy, she was in heaven!  She has a fascination with Donald Duck, more so than Mickey, and we never seem to be able to catch him at Disneyland, so when she saw him at the Mickey Beach, she was over the moon!  And Donald was quite excited that someone was so happy to see him too!

IMG_8073 IMG_8077 IMG_8080

By now, it was around 2:30 and E was begging to get into the pool.  Because she had gone all day without any congestion or coughing, we decided to let her give it a shot, but told her if she started coughing we were getting out right away or if she needed her inhaler (she’s gotten very good about knowing when she needs it, sadly).  We headed up to change and jumped in the pool while A. grabbed us some food from Mama’s Snack Shop.

IMG_8087 IMG_8096

On a side note – we live in the southwestern part of the United States, where the primary secondary language is Spanish or a variation of Spanish dialect.  When we travel to California and even to Orlando, we often find some version of Spanish is repeated after all English announcements or information is available in English and Spanish.  I was amazed that the secondary language in Hawaii was Japanese.  Even more so that most of the menus were split with American and Japanese offerings.

IMG_8084After we swam (primarily in the hot tub because it was kind of chilly and with E being sick I wasn’t risking it, she also favored the hot tubs) we headed up to the room and got cleaned up for dinner.  Since I had done laundry the night before, E. got to wear her Elsa Nightgown (from Costco of course) again, you can see how happy she was about that.


After dinner, E. crashed relatively easily and early.  A. and I sat out on the patio enjoying the music coming from the lobby area of the resort (which was only heard when our slider was open or we were on the patio).  I also attempted to snap some photos of our amazing view at sunset.



Once the sun set, A and I headed back into the room, both in absolute disbelief that the next day would be our last full day in paradise.

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