My Letter to Michael Colglazier- President of the Disneyland Resort

Dear Mr. Colglazier,

You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, in fact I had to Google who you were this morning when I was trying to figure out how to address my letter.  But this isn’t about me, this is about the thousands (maybe millions) of people like me who all have these same feelings this morning.

Mr. Colglazier, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m writing to you this morning in regards to the latest price increase (really price gauge) on Annual Passes at Disneyland Resort.  This morning, it was released that the new Signature Plus Annual Pass (which is equivalent to the Premium Annual Pass) is now available for purchase for $1049.

For my readers, who aren’t familiar with what the benefits of this annual pass include, this is the only pass you can purchase that gives you admission for 365 days a year (meaning no blackout days).

For Mr. Colglazier, as a comparison, I purchased this same annual pass (well my parents did) in 1999 for $199.  That is 527% inflation over 15 years.  For further analysis, I purchased this same annual pass in 2008 for $389.  So, for you mathematicians out there, that means from 1999-2008, a nine-year period, the inflation rate was 195%, from 2008-2015, a seven-year period, the inflation rate is now 270% (and rising).

Growing up, my family was a blue-collar family.  My dad was a diesel mechanic, my mom worked in a restaurant and later moved into a more corporate environment after receiving additional training.  But every year from the time I was four years old until I started my own family, we took a summer vacation to Disneyland.  We saved for that trip all year and weren’t annual pass-holders at the time.  It was the one week a year that we got to be together as a family without any interruptions or distractions, the one week a year that my parents and I got to enjoy each other and have fun together.

Which, Mr. Colglazier, if I’m correct, wasn’t that the sole intention for Walt’s motivation to create Disneyland to begin with?

Now, as a mother, I too look forward to my vacations with my daughter at Disney properties.  At four years old she has been to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Aulani.  As a DVC owner, Disney is and has been our vacation destination of choice as a family.

We live in Arizona, and my husband, daughter, and I have long enjoyed our spur of the moment decision trips to head to Disneyland having annual passes has enabled us to do.  Our most recent annual passes (which were premier annual passes that I actually paid less for than your signature deluxe now retails for and allowed us admission to Disneyland AND Disney World) expired in August 2014.  At that time, my husband and I felt it was no longer economical for us to be annual pass-holders, and clearly that rings even truer today.

Mr. Colglazier, I understand that being an annual pass-holder is a privilege, not an entitlement.  For many years, I’ve been blessed to hold an annual passport and share these experiences with those I love.  As a former operations manager, I also understand the business decision behind increasing the prices for annual passports.

What I do not understand, or ever thought at this point in my life I’d have witnessed, is 527% inflation.

While I’m sure this morning your share holders are happy (being that it’s a Sunday and the stock exchanges aren’t open, we won’t be able to truly know until tomorrow) please know that thousands of those who have been loyal and true to Disneyland even in her years of drought (circa 2003ish-the opening of Carsland) are now realizing that their once go to vacation destination, is fading to a distant memory.

It saddens me to see how corporate and capitalistic Disney has become in plain-site.

Thank you for your time.


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11 Responses to My Letter to Michael Colglazier- President of the Disneyland Resort

  1. Michele says:

    BRAVO – bravo. Michael Eisner did not let this happen – shame on you Disney – shame!!!!!

  2. This is nothing but selfish greed. You have at least taken them to account for this selfish increase. After buying Marvel, Star wars. There is no possible need to increase the value of fun within the Disney Kingdom. I am sure you are this is the last I will ever take the time visit a treasure for every family. Thank for asking Disney why there is a unwanted or warranted reason to take the great value of a family and never give back.

  3. I’m sure “Walt” is crying in his grave because of this. . . . I don’t think he intended his creations to be only for the very rich. Sad sign of the times. . . . Especially for all those who have been so supportive in the past.

  4. rbbear says:

    Take this one… I used to be a cast member.. I got hurt on the job. And the offered me a job while I was hurt at home. And since I couldn’t take it. And my so called year was up, being at home, they fired me. Thank you disney.

  5. Lorraine says:

    I agree with everything in this letter, which was well written and fully voices the concerns of thousands, of annual pass holders. My family of four have been pass holders for nearly 20 years. It’s been a real privilege and one that we have cherished. Unfortunately, with this recent price change, we will no longer be able to financially afford this; in fact, with the price increase for the daily tickets, we may not even make it to Disneyland at all. It is a sham, and a financial blunder for Disney. We would buy Premium passes, and go at least once or twice per month. We would eat 2-3 meals plus snacks at the park and shop at the park each visit. We often brought friends and family along, and had many a birthday celebration there. We probably spent an additional $4000 per year, on top of the annual pass price, at Disneyland. Maybe our $4000 is a drop in the bucket to Disney. But multiply that by the number of other pass holders who spent that or more and who will not renew and you are looking at millions in lost revenue All this to fund Star Wars Land, which although may be cool, is overall a very un-Mickey land and odd choice for inclusion in the Magic Kingdom, or at the very least a choice I doubt Walt would have made. But, the magic has
    left the kingdom, and money, not customer retention and satisfaction, is what matters now. No wonder employees of Disney call is “Moushwitz” Sad.

  6. Deb says:

    My family is not renewing or visiting any longer. It’s a point and maybe if everyone took a stand, the big corporate guys might think twice about losing their multi million dollar salaries. Nothing will be like Disney, but they are getting what they wanted….getting rid of Pass holders.

    • chocho41 says:

      ^^^^^ my family and I also get Knotts passes they don’t have the same cool parades and not as well maintained… but lines are normally walk right on to 30min max very fun… $100 for the whole season and you can add on food you can eat twice while your there 4hrs apart from eachother, which is worth it since there food can be expensive $10-$15 a plate. Souvinear cups are 15 and bring it back every time refills are $ .99 and just like Disneyland water is free!!! You can also add on parking!!!
      2016 Jan -Dec season pass
      $141 with only parking
      $180 with only food
      $205 with food & souvinear bottle with free refills @ first visit $.99 cent refills.. every visit bring it back….
      $265 with parking,food and drink bottle.
      It’s not mocked and friends… but its snoopy and the peanut gang and no lines and making fun memories with with family!!!!!!
      I’ve had both passes and I will no longer after Jan 26th be renewing my Disney one 😦 although for the break down its like 66 cents more a day those 66 cents add up for 3 passes plus food drinks souvinear ect!!! 😦 we love Disney just can a ford it anymore!!!!

  7. Douglas M. says:

    Well, we’ve been given the kiss off. The parties over. No fond farewells. Ebenezer says no more coal for heat. Coal costs money ya know. It’s ok though. We were just the “surplus population”. None of us will be missed. The well healed will take our place.

  8. Don says:

    I recall visiting Disneyland several times a year when I was younger in the 70s, 80s.. The lines wer not bad at all then. Then it got real busy and you would wait hours in lines. The crowds got unbearable. I really find little value in paying $100 a day and getting on only a few rides as the parks are so over crowded. I think Disney sees this problem for the $100 per day guest and wants to cut out some of the season pass crowds. 2 ways to do that away with season passes or raise them so high that the numbers will naturally decline. There are actually over 1 million season passes for Disneyland!!! They really contribute to the park being crowded but they also contribute heavily to Disney’s bottom line!!! I know Disney World has the fast track bands but you only get 3 fast tracks. If you want to control lines maybe think about turning
    the clock back and going to A thru E ticket books. That would distribute the crowds!! LOL

  9. Mary says:

    Well said and written. Our family of 8 will not be renewing either so our week from October 31 through November 8th will be our last for a while. We living in Las Vegas can’t make payments or get better local prices but we are the ones that buy the food and eat in the parks and pay the higher prices as well. Sorry and very SAD!

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