A Few of Our Favorite Things


We’re Disney people (Disney Vacation Club Member’s to be exact) so it’s rare that you’ll find us vacationing somewhere that isn’t “Disney”.  We frequent Disneyland often considering it’s proximity, but have ventured to Disneyworld twice as a family (and once on our honeymoon).

Our recent favorite vacation destination is Disney’s Aulani (located on O’Ahu).  In a nutshell, it’s a little piece of paradise with Disney flair.

E’s Favorites:

A&A Bamboo Blankets: She’s loved these since infancy, but thanks to their generous size, as a preschooler they’re still her favorites!  Whenever I refer to a blanket for her, I’m referring to one of these.

Plae Shoes: We love Plae as a brand, they’re made in the USA and are machine washable two things as a mom I fully support.  E finds them comfortable and I find their quality well worth the higher price tag.

Winter Water Factory: I have a slight moderate addiction with boutique clothing for E, but became increasingly disappointed with quality and production choices.  We discovered Winter Water Factory about 6 months ago and love that it’s made in the USA (in Brooklyn) and is 100% organic cotton.  Their fun, vibrant prints are modern, but keep E looking like a preschooler.  They’re her favorite dresses which lead me to believe they’re very comfortable and breathable in our hot desert climate.

Hair Care: For E, I love the Glop and Glam line.  They are 100% gluten free, organic hair line with products that smell good enough to eat!

**I am not paid or sponsored by any of these brands.  These are brands that as a mom I have found on my own free will and loyally support because of their quality and/or customer service.**


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