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Dear New Mom

Dear New Mom, I’m about to unleash the cliche of all cliches which you’ve heard a thousand times already, for that I’m sorry.  As a new mom, I got tired of hearing it too, I wanted to yell, “yes, I … Continue reading

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Zeros and Fives

Exactly a month from today my little girl will turn five (I only get to say this every 4 years- the exactly a month from today she has a birthday part, not the turning five part- thank you Leap Year!) … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want You To Understand

I don’t want you to understand. If you would have asked me this time last year if I understood what it was like to live with chronic pain, I would have likely said something like, “Well, not really, but I … Continue reading

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#JenntheRN: Is this really who I’m meant to be.

I’ve been writing a lot this year about grace and growth…well, maybe not writing a lot, but of the writings I’ve done this has been a central theme.  This post will be no different. They say that you become a … Continue reading

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My Letter to Michael Colglazier- President of the Disneyland Resort

Dear Mr. Colglazier, You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, in fact I had to Google who you were this morning when I was trying to figure out how to address my letter.  But this isn’t about me, … Continue reading

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Thirty-Two Equals Grace

Today, I turn 32. This may not seem like a milestone birthday for most people, but for me looking back on my 31st year of life, 32 seems like a pretty important milestone for me. My 31st year was one … Continue reading

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The Morning After The Day Before

It took a while yesterday for everything to process for me.  After writing last night, I fell asleep and it was when I woke up that everything truly sunk in.  I spent the later part of the night and well … Continue reading

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