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Am I Woman Enough?

Today, as we celebrate the many fierce, strong, admirable women who have helped pave the way for a foundation of equality in our country, I’m left pondering a question I’ve been pondering quite a bit the last few months. Am … Continue reading

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Zeros and Fives

Exactly a month from today my little girl will turn five (I only get to say this every 4 years- the exactly a month from today she has a birthday part, not the turning five part- thank you Leap Year!) … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want You To Understand

I don’t want you to understand. If you would have asked me this time last year if I understood what it was like to live with chronic pain, I would have likely said something like, “Well, not really, but I … Continue reading

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We’re Going to Hawaii- A Rough Outline of Our Trip

For our Hawaii trip, I’ve done my best to be educated, but not over zealous in making an itinerary.   Neither A nor I have been to Hawaii before, but we both know that our best vacations are the ones … Continue reading

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Because Sometimes You Just Need To Write

I get that my blog has become more of a random place to throw even more random thoughts out there.  It’s been on my to-do list for a while now to start regularly updating and even update my cover photo, … Continue reading

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Clearly this evening I have been in a “sentimental” or nostalgic mood, reflecting back on old blog posts from several years ago (mostly about the most recent SCOTUS ruling on SB1070- because after tomorrow, SB1070 will fall into the abyss … Continue reading

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Adoption Friendly Language

Adoption has come along way over the last 60 years.  Gone are the days when women were sent off to “live with family” for 30-ish weeks, birth a child in a hospital room only to have their child whisked behind … Continue reading

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